Exploring Linux, security, and privacy


The Long List of Password Breaches

An ongoing list of recent noteworthy online security breaches with a focus on those that result in the theft of account credentials including passwords. I provide a forward detailing the motivation for such a list including advice for managing one’s online accounts to make responding to such breaches as painless as possible.

TrueCrypt Encryption Overview

An overview of how to use encrypted file containers and plausible deniability encryption with the cross-platform TrueCrypt software. Some interesting historical notes illustrating the efficacy of the encryption are included along with some important cautions and controversies.

KeePassX Tutorial: Just the Basics

A brief overview of the main functionality of KeePassX, a piece of cross-platform and open source software used for maintaining an encrypted database of login credentials (usernames and passwords).

Memorizing Strong Passwords

A collection of suggestions for generating and memorizing strong passwords that should be better suited to resisting basic brute force attacks.