Exploring Linux, security, and privacy


Welcome to |grepLinux! My goal is to use this site as a platform with which to offer my thoughts on topics in Linux, security, math, and perhaps life in general. I’ve been wanting to start something like this for a long while as I find writing to be therapeutic and in this format I think it can also be educational for both you and me.

There’ve been several controversies in recent memory that have sparked in me a desire to discuss or to use as motivation to discuss important related topics. Consider:

Additionally, I’ve recently fielded some Linux questions about the basics and other practicalities on Twitter @IsaacVelando. These items will probably be the basis for the first several topics I’ll write about about when I get around to it, and perhaps you can take this as a sign of what to expect from this site in the future. I intend to write many articles not too much unlike a research paper in that claims will be sourced from reputable third parties, and while I consider it my mission to avoid falsehoods at all cost, if an honest mistake is made I’ll fix it swiftly. For all posts after this I’ll be welcoming your input and discussion. Until then.